Looking at ISO27001? We can help

Praesec can help you become ISO27001 certified

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Security is about managing risk

Praesec can identify and manage risk across your enterprise

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There are only two types of companies:
Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.

Robert S. Mueller III, Former FBI Director

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Threats to business continuity, information, and reputation increase as the threat landscape changes.
As a result, regulatory, insurance, and transactional compliance demands are changing the business landscape.
We created Praesec to deliver exceptional risk advisory services to our clients to address these demands and threats.

Security & Risk Assessments

We conduct assessments to identify your security posture and make recommendations for improvement against business needs and industry best practices.

Security Program Development

We work with you to establish a security framework based on ISO27001 or the ASD ISM including development of policies and procedures.

Auditing & Compliance

We assess your established security controls against your intended security posture or against compliance requirements.